Welcome to JNC Group

In the modern world, commerce has become increasingly competitive and there are very few industries that do not have competitors.  In most cases the core products and pricing thereof are so close that unless a differentiating factor exists, attracting clients and retaining them cannot be guaranteed. 
The search is therefore on for the differentiating factor. 
Other than quality of product and service, clients are attracted by additional products and services that are seen to add value.  The greater the perceived value, the more attractive the core product and higher the customer retention.
It is our objective to always be on the forefront of the ever changing technological development challenges that the markets demands.

Therefore we bring you added value in the form of Thermal Energy Saving Technologies distributed by JNC Group South Africa.


Our Company

Welcome to the JNC Group, exclusive licensed Distributors for the Sub Sahara Africa region, inclusive of South Africa, world leaders in Insulating Paints and Coatings. We distribute a range of innovative thermal insulation and protective products for a variety of internal and external uses, both domestic and industrial.

Our Products

  • These products are used in over 20 countries throughout the world for energy-saving purposes.
  • They are used by all types of customers, from large multinational companies to regular home owners as energy-saving initiatives.
  • Products are available for both hot and cold climates.