Thermal Insulating Paint Additive

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive is a revolutionary paint additive that makes almost any paint or coating insulate. Developed by our highly-skilled Research and Development team, it cuts down energy use and reduces heat loss through your walls and ceilings, therefore helping to reduce your energy bills.

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive has been independently tested and scientifically proven to work by world leading laboratories and government bodies. By using the latest NanoCNB insulating technologies to create an effective thermal barrier, Thermalmix prevents heat loss through your walls and ceilings.  Room temperatures typically increase by up to 2 to 3°C, and stay warmer for longer.

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive is for domestic and commercial use, and can be applied almost anywhere conventional paint and coatings are used. Thermal Insulating Paint Additive is also used in hot countries on the exterior of buildings to reflect heat away and keep the inside cooler.

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive is one of the fastest growing, simple to use, yet effective energy-saving products available, and our ever-growing list of distributors are now located in over 20 countries.

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive has been independently tested to UK, EU and ASTM standards, and is used throughout the world.


How does Thermal Insulating Paint Additive work?

Paint mixed with Thermal Insulating Paint Additive creates a unique thermal barrier preventing HEAT LOSS through walls and ceilings with interior applications in cold countries. So rooms are warmer, and stay warmer for longer. Conversely, the thermal barrier prevents HEAT GAIN with external applications when used in hot countries, creating a cooler internal room and reducing the need for air-conditioning energy use.


How do they work when mixed in paint?

Conventional insulation products only work by slowing down the rate of HEAT LOSS through walls and ceilings, whereas this thermal barrier works by reflecting the heat BACK in to your room, PREVENTING the heat reaching the wall in the first place.  Previously insulated walls will further benefit from additional energy savings by using Thermal Insulating Paint Additive.


The thermal image shown opposite illustrates heat loss. The areas of most heat loss are coloured white or red, and the least area of heat loss is shown in black.

There are THREE FLATS in the image.  FLAT 1 has been insulated with Thermal Insulating Paint Additive below the windows, which are shown as the two black sections in the diagram, and demonstrate how the heat is REFLECTED BACK inside the room, instead of escaping through the wall.  FLATS 2 and 3 are coated with conventional paint products and show the most heat loss through the walls.

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive is environmentally friendly, reduces your carbon footprint and its breathability helps with condensation problems.

How Does Thermal Insulating Paint Additive Reduce Condensation?

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive's thermal barrier keeps the cold wall surface and the warmer air apart. As you touch the wall with your hand you can feel the heat being reflected BACK and the wall will feel warmer to the touch.

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive has the same effect with the warm air from your heating system, reflecting it BACK into the room instead of the heat being drawn to the colder surface of the wall, and escaping.

The contact between the warm air and the cold wall is dramatically reduced once paint mixed with Thermalmix is applied. Therefore the production of water droplets and condensation is dramatically reduced if not totally eliminated.

Why Does Condensation Occur?

Condensation occurs when the warm air in a room is attracted to a cool wall - water droplets form on the surface and condensation builds up. Condensation can also cause discolouration, staining, peeling wallpaper, blistering paint and mould growth. In severe instances this may lead to health problems related with damp living conditions.

How to use Thermal Insulating Paint Additive

Thermal Insulating Paint Additive is very easy to use and can be mixed with virtually all paints and coatings. The contents of the bottle should be gradually stirred into 5 litres of paint or coating. Follow best practice method used by professional decorators:

1) Empty the paint into a large bucket.

2) Empty a bottle of Thermal Insulating Paint Additive into the same bucket.

3) Mix using a manual hand paint stirrer or use a drill based stirrer.

A minimum of two coats of paint containing Thermal Insulating Paint Additive should be applied to achieve maximum thermal efficiency. Thermal Insulating Paint Additive gives a very slight textured feel, so perfect for covering minor imperfections. However, for a flatter finish, simply apply a final third coat of paint without Thermal Insulating Paint Additive mixed in to it.