Insulating Plaster

Insulating Plaster has unique insulating properties, which reduces the amount of heat lost through walls and ceilings in cold countries, and reduces heat gain in hot countries.  It is one of the most effective ways to insulate your home/building today and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Insulating Plaster will help save a considerable amount of money on those ever increasing energy bills by preventing that costly heat escaping from your home or building. Our Insulating Plaster is up to 70% more energy-efficient than any ordinary plaster or render. As a result, it helps reduce carbon emissions, and as it’s made from eco-friendly materials, it further respects our planet.

How does Insulating Plaster Work?

Insulating Plaster is a fantastically lightweight fibre reinforced cement plaster made from natural materials.  It contains special additives that provide thermal insulation by reflecting heat back into your home. We utilise NASA developed technology combined with our unique formula to make our revolutionary, most durable and efficient plaster yet.

Once the plaster has dried on the walls and ceilings the thermally efficient barrier is effective.

The thermal properties of the plaster reduces energy transfer, making it up to 70% MORE thermally efficient than any conventional plaster.

Another major advantage with our Insulating Plaster is that it can be applied at different levels of thickness from 10mm up to 40mm. So, the appropriate thickness can be applied and factors such as space limitation are easily accommodated.

How to use Insulating Plaster?

The Insulating Plaster is applied in exactly the same way as a traditional plaster or render.



Product Range

All our plaster products are easier to mix and apply than the traditional plaster mix and provide a high level of fire resistance. They are also water and weatherproof. The products provide long term durability, and are fracture resistant.

Our plasters weigh 83% less than conventional plasters allowing the building structure to be stronger and more resistant, rather than being weighed down with the weight of the plaster. They are rot, vermin, termite resistant, non hazardous and non toxic.

Once the paint is applied to the walls and ceilings and has dried, the thermally efficient barrier will have been created.

Insulating Render

This insulating external render, when applied to the outside of the property/building, provides extremely effective insulation and helps to save money on your energy bills. Along with the insulating properties, the render is also designed to prevent condensation as it makes the building more breathable.

Insulating Plaster

Insulating Plaster also provides extremely effective insulation when applied to internal walls and ceilings. Along with these scientifically proven insulating properties, Insulating Plaster has also been designed to prevent condensation problems and give an excellent, smooth finish.

More reasons to use Insulating Plaster...

All Our Insulating Plasters are easier to mix and apply than the traditional plaster mix and provide a high level of fire resistance. They are also water and weather proof,  and, complimented with being fracture resistant, these plasters provide excellent long term durability.

Insulating Plasters weigh an incredible 83% less than conventional plasters, while simultaneously allowing the building structure to be stronger and more resistant. It is rot, vermin and termite resistant, non-hazardous, non-toxic and even reduces condensation, making it the perfect choice for all your plastering requirements.

Did you know?

Solid walls lose even more heat than cavity walls; the only way to reduce this heat loss is to insulate them on the inside or the outside. InsOwall Eco Insulating Plaster is one of the most effective solutions available today.

Plaster Table provided by OFGEM:


Property Details Number of beds 10mm
Insulating Plaster
Lifetime (years)
Flat 1 217 351 444 514 30
Flat 2 261 423 535 619 30
Flat 3 316 511 647 748 30
Mid-Terrace 2 269 434 549 636 30
Mid-Terrace 3 301 486 615 712 30
End-Terrace 2 507 831 1,056 1,216 30
End-Terrace 3 567 931 1,182 1,362 30
Semi-bungalow 2 380 625 796 921 30
Semi-bungalow 3 411 675 859 994 30
Det-bungalow 2 453 749 958 1,112 30
Det-bungalow 3 489 808 1,034 1,200 30
Det-bungalow 4 526 868 1,110 1,289 30
Semi-house 2 553 907 1,151 1,327 30
Semi-house 3 595 975 1,238 1,427 30
Semi-house 4 637 1,044 1,325 1,528 30
Det-house 2 838 1,385 1,776 2,068 30
Det-house 3 901 1,488 1,909 2,223 30
Det-house 4 968 1,599 2,051 2,388 30