Thermal Floor Insulating Primer

Thermal Floor is a revolutionary insulating acrylic primer designed for sealing, bonding and thermally insulating walkable surfaces. It works with almost all flooring surfaces and will also help increase efficiency of underfloor heating. The primer helps reflect the heat back into the room by forming a thermal barrier. It uses the very latest NanoCNB technology to reflect the heat upwards and help reduce heat loss.

Thermal Floor will help to reduce your running costs, and the time it takes to warm up your room.


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How does Thermal Floor work?

Thermal Floor is an Acrylic Primer which is made up of a unique composition containing NanoCNB structures. Our combination utilises technology originally developed to combat the high temperatures, together with our latest technology.

When floors are coated with our NanoCNB technologies, the surfaces lose the ability to absorb heat from the room. So, the heat is reflected BACK into your room as a result of the thermal barrier that has been formed.

Once the Thermal Floor is applied to the floor and is dry, it will create a thermally efficient barrier.

Thermal Floor's unique acrylic primer allows it to bond with tile adhesive extremely well, ensuring a durable floor construction. The primer doubles up as a sealer too, and by applying a number of applications, its insulating effect will be further enhanced.

How to use Thermal Floor?

1Thermal Floor is designed to be used on almost all types of flooring. It is ideal to be used in conjunction with Underfloor Heating systems, to reduce heat loss and reduce costs of running heating systems. It is extremely simple to use, applies to any dry floor surface using a roller or paint brush.

Thermal Floor can be applied onto the concrete floor, before laying down underfloor heating. Once dried (2-4hrs) Underfloor Heating cables/flooring can be installed as normal. Alternatively, it can also be used without any underfloor heating. In this instance, simply apply the Thermal Floor on top of the floor boards/concrete base, prior to laying the floor covering, i.e. tiles, laminate, carpeting etc. A minimum of two coats should be used for greater efficiency.


Where has Thermal Floor been tested?

Independent tests have been carried out by UKAS approved laboratories which clearly show a reduction in heat loss when Thermal Floor is applied. Thermal Floor also greatly reduces warm up time for Underfloor Heating systems by thermally blocking heat from leaving the room saving you ENERGY.