ThermWall Range

ThermWall has unique insulating properties, which will help to reduce heat loss through your walls and ceilings. The insulating properties within ThermWall Paint will form a thermal barrier reflecting heat back into your room/building, considerably reducing heat loss.  It will help increase room temperature, and keep the room warmer for longer.

ThermWall offers the perfect balance, excellent quality and performance with a noticeably superior texture and finish, along with energy saving properties, and a reduction on environmental impact, due to its very low VOC level. ThermWall is also extremely breathable. The incredible combination of the breathability of the paint along with the heat reflecting properties also helps to dramatically reduce condensation problems, if not eliminate them completely.

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ThermWall Energy Saving Undercoat

ThermWall Energy Saving Undercoat is applied to the surface before the topcoat. Its insulating properties will create a thermal barrier and reduce heat loss. We recommend applying two coats for maximum thermal efficiency, before applying the topcoat.

You can then apply a coat of paint in your favourite colour from your own choice of paint over the top.

ThermWall Energy Saving Emulsion
(Available in a range of colours, please see brochure)

ThermWall Energy Saving Emulsion, is used as your final coat of paint. It also has insulating properties that create a thermal barrier and reduce heat loss. We recommend applying two coats for maximum thermal efficiency. This is available in our full range of colours and can be used with or without the ThermWall undercoat.


How Does ThermWall Work?

ThermWall is made up of a unique combination, and contains  NanoCNB structures. Our combination utilises technology developed in order to combat the high temperatures.

When walls and ceilings are coated with ThermWall incorporating the new NanoCNB technologies, these surfaces lose the ability to absorb heat from the room. So, the heat is reflected BACK into the room and away from the surface due to the thermal barrier that has been formed.

How Does ThermWall Reduce Condensation?

ThermWall's thermal barrier keeps the cold wall surface and the warmer air apart, as you place your hand on the wall you can feel the heat being reflected back, and the wall itself will feel warmer to the touch.


The contact between the heat from your heating system and the cold wall is dramatically reduced once ThermWall is applied. Therefore the production of water droplets and condensation is dramatically reduced if not totally eliminated.



Why Does Condensation Occur?

Condensation occurs when the warm air in a room is attracted to a cool wall, causing water droplets to form on the surface and condensation to build up. This can also cause discolouration, staining, peeling wallpaper, blistering paint and mould growth. This may also contribute to health problems related with damp living conditions.