Green Energy Report 2010

This guide aims to explore ways in which investors can mosteffectively engage in the global effort to address climate change.The investment volumes required to avoid the catastrophic impactof climate change are substantial and success will largely dependon the successful mobilization of both the public and privatesectors. This report highlights viable business opportunities in the energy and carbon sector that could potentially generate high investment returns.

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Industry news and regulations.

Energy efficiency regulations for new buildings published

15 June, 2010, Engineering News- Creamer Media

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has published amendments to energy efficiency regulations, which would make it compulsory for all new buildings to be designed to a standard that minimised the energy use. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on Monday invited interested parties to submit comments and input on the energy efficiency regulations for new buildings, which were published in the regulations section of Government Gazette No. 33265..........

Revised energy-efficiency strategy to go before Cabinet by year-end

13 July, 2010, Creamer Media's Engineering News

The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (Unido) has initiated a "comprehensive" review of South Africa's National Energy Efficiency Strategy, which sets a target for energy-efficiency improvement of 12% by 2015...