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Ministry of Defence & Aviation
The Ministry of Defence were using all of their air conditioners excessively trying to keep the buildings cool and because of this the generators had to deal with a heavier load and an increased amount of electricity being used. This was becoming a concern as it was very difficult for them to keep a cool environment with temperatures over 38°C. All the buildings were suffering from extreme heat coming from the sun causing issues inside the facilities.
The Ministry of Defence had to take immediate action to resolve any issues within their base. This now became their main priority when the higher ranks were unable to concentrate carrying out their routine tasks and they found that most people had been lingering around the air conditioned area to avoid doing their work.
At the initial stage they were considering purchasing some more air conditioners but there wasn’t any room for more. They needed to find an alternative method and also to be cost effective.

Action Taken:

A team was put together to thoroughly research for all the available alternatives.
The Ministry of Defence carefully evaluated the possibilities with the cost associated to their project. The research team narrowed the search down to the popular products that were guaranteed to work and have a proven history.


The Ministry of Defence approached Thermilate after learning that it was the leading insulation coating on the market, which is also certified as an energy saving product and has an impressive history. They found our product to be the most cost effective solution compared to the other alternatives and decided to purchase a product from our range that was suitable for the purpose.

Solutions Method and Results:

After receiving a sample of our product it was tested on two separate buildings in February 2004. This was monitored thoroughly by comparing the temperature difference found in the building applied with the Thermilate product and the buildings without.
The Thermilate product immediately started to take effect once it had dried, which was easily noticeable as people inside of the building were beginning to feel cooler. The Ministry of Defence was amazed that the Thermilate product was actually preventing temperatures as high as over 38°C from entering into the buildings.
This test gained the approval to be applied on the remaining buildings in the base when it was proven a success and showed a substantial temperature difference of 5°C.
This difference was even noticeable by the higher ranks as they could feel the inside of the buildings which had our product applied was much cooler and comfortable than outside. Also people were able to work comfortably within the building and concentrate more on their tasks with only fewer air conditioners being used.
The Ministry of Defence appreciated the fact that Thermilate has brought a special product available to every consumer so they could benefit from the same result as they have done.


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