ThermRoof Elastomeric Coating

ThermRoof is a high-quality, water based elastomeric coating with revolutionary enhanced ceramic composite microspheres, which allow the paint to insulate and reflect heat while simultaneously creating a waterproof membrane. ThermRoof cures to form a seamless membrane sealing the surface.

It has been independently tested and scientifically proven to work by world leading laboratories and Government bodies such as The University of Salford – Energy Testing Laboratories, OFGEM and Energystar, the worldwide body for energy saving products.  It has also been featured on the popular BBC science programme, ‘Tomorrow’s World’.

How Thermilate ThermRoof Works?


ThermRoof is manufactured using the very latest Nano technologies.

These technologies contain vacuum micro-spheres, which work in a way similar to a mini-thermos flask.

Thermilate technology allows ThermRoof to refract, reflect and dissipate heat from the sun, creating a cooler internal environment in hot climates.  Alternatively, in temperate climates, when applied on internal walls and ceilings, heat loss is reduced.

ThermRoof is ideal for areas that will be subjected to moisture as it will not only reduce heat transfer, but also protect against moisture ingress. This additional waterproofing functionality, makes ThermRoof a popular choice to waterproof sloped roofs.

ThermRoof is an exciting, environmentally friendly coating which is manufactured using the latest technology.


When used on the roof, external walls and inside of external walls, Thermilate Elastomeric Coating can reduce energy costs dramatically.

ThermRoof is specially formulated for use on buildings which are subject to sustained solar heat.




It is designed for use on:

Domestic, commercial, industrial and almost any type of buildings (Precast, masonry, metal sheets)

Oil storage tanks, shipping containers and AC Ducts

Caravans and mobile homes

Steel and GRP hulls on boats & yachts

Bituminous sheeting and membranes

Sprayed PU foam.


What are the benefits?